Our life together creates a permanent spiritual attitude

of readiness to share with others the best of self.



 Corpus Christi II

Putting all things in common means for us making a plan of life and carrying it out together,each one feeling responsible for herself and for the others; serving the members of the community with all our energies, merging as far as possible, one's life with the life of the others. Thus, we live community life with a balance of prayer, work, and recreation.



Life in the community gives concrete shape to the practice of evangelical counsels lived in spiritual and external communion with others and in dependence on the one who represents Christ and presides over us.
Recreation is for urecs an important means of strengthening sisterly love in community. We have it together every evening for an hour. It is a time to share our joys and difficulties, to relax and draw strength for our apostolate. During recreation we also work on our crafts. Each sister enjoys something else: knitting, cross stitch, crocheting. In early December we host our own Annual Christmas Bake/Craft Sale at our Motherhouse. This is our major fundraising activity and the proceeds help our community as well as poor and needy people around the world.


Silence deepens our community life. It enables us to find God, to rediscover ourselves and prepares us to meet God in our brothers and sisters.

Franciscan Sisters of John the Baptist

1209 E. Lake Avenue

Peoria Heights, IL 61616



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